Ringing Hill Fire Company Supports Pottsgrove High School Student Council Bonfire
By Ringing Hill
October 15, 2023

The spirit of homecoming was ablaze at Pottsgrove High School this past week as the Ringing Hill and Sanatoga Fire Companies, in collaboration with the Pottsgrove High School Student Council, hosted a traditional bonfire to kick off the much-anticipated annual homecoming celebrations. The event, which took place on Thursday evening, brought together students, parents, and the community, creating an unforgettable night of camaraderie and fun.

A Flaming Tradition

The bonfire has long been a cherished tradition for Pottsgrove High School, heralding the start of homecoming festivities. This year, the Ringing Hill Fire Company played a pivotal role in ensuring the event's success. Their firefighters and volunteers joined forces with the Student Council to organize and execute a memorable evening.

Community and School Spirit

Hundreds of eager students and community members gathered around the towering bonfire, which roared to life as night fell. The flames danced to the beat of the live DJ, setting the perfect atmosphere for the evening. The event featured a variety of activities, including games, a concession stand serving delicious snacks and drinks. The bonfire traditionally marks the countdown to the homecoming dance and football game

Safety First

To ensure the safety of all attendees, the Ringing Hill Fire Company maintained a visible presence, with trained firefighters on hand and fire trucks stationed nearby. The event was closely monitored, and safety measures were strictly enforced, guaranteeing a night of fun and excitement without any incidents.

As the bonfire embers died down, the Pottsgrove community left with a sense of anticipation, looking forward to the upcoming homecoming celebrations that promise to be a stellar highlight in the school's calendar.