Ringing Hill Fire Company Spreads Fire Safety Awareness in Local Schools
By Ringing Hill
October 13, 2023

In an effort to educate and empower the youth of Ringing Rocks elementary school and surrounding schools, the Ringing Hill Fire Company embarked on a mission to teach fire safety to local school children. This noble endeavor took place this week as firefighters from the esteemed organization visited area schools, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge and a passionate commitment to fire safety.

Ringing Hill Fire Company, a pillar of the community, is renowned for its tireless efforts in safeguarding the lives and properties of the residents in the region. The fire company is well aware that the foundation of fire safety starts with education, and it was in this spirit that they took their message to local schools.

The firefighters rolled out their bright red fire truck to a cheering crowd of elementary school students. The excitement was palpable as the youngsters eagerly listened to the firefighters' instructions and watched a demonstration of how to properly use various fire equipment . The firefighters, dressed in their iconic fire-resistant gear, captivated the young minds with tales of bravery and resilience, underlining the importance of their life-saving work. At each location, the firefighters covered essential fire safety topics, including how to prevent fires, what to do in the event of a fire, and the importance of creating a family fire escape plan.

The fire company has also distributed fire safety pamphlets, stickers, helmets, and emergency contact information to the students to ensure they have the resources needed to stay safe at home. Firefighter visits to schools are an annual tradition to help reinforce the importance of fire safety.

As the Ringing Hill Fire Company continues its commitment to community outreach and education, the future looks brighter, and safer, for the residents of Lower Pottsgrove and the surrounding areas, as they carry the lessons learned during this week's fire safety visits throughout their lives.