At the Car Wash!
By Ringing Hill
August 19, 2023

We wanted to take a moment to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the incredible Future Falcons who lent a hand this past Saturday. Their enthusiasm and dedication truly shone as they washed and dried our fire trucks with such zeal.

It was heartening to witness so many students from Pottsgrove School come together for this event. The joy and excitement on their faces while washing a fire truck were truly infectious. Their willingness to contribute to our community and support our firefighting efforts did not go unnoticed.

Moreover, it's essential to highlight that the proceeds from the Future Falcons car wash go toward supporting their numerous athletic teams. This not only helps foster a sense of teamwork and community spirit but also ensures the continued success of their sports programs. Once again, a huge thank you to the Future Falcons for their hard work and dedication.